For Libraries

AEP Books and Media provides complete library processing services to public, academic, government and specialty libraries worldwide, including shelf-ready cataloging and processing of books. These options allow you to save valuable time and expense getting materials ready for circulation.

What is it?

Additional services provided by AEP to make books and media items shelf-ready and ready to circulate.

Who uses it?

Libraries of all types, (Federal & State Gov’t, Local, K-12 & Academic), use library processing to assist in organizing and managing their collections. This saves the librarians a lot of time and money preparing items for use.

Upon request, we can provide details about services in the following areas:

▪ Circulation kits including cards, pockets and labels

▪ Cataloging which features MARC records, including vendor- provided data and descriptive summaries.

▪ Security-tapes for Books and Media

▪ Barcodes, Book, and Spine Labels

▪ Media cases for DVDs, Audiobooks, and CDs

▪ Paperback reinforcement binding

▪ Book Covers, including Kapco Easy Covers for Paperbacks, and Mylar for Hardcovers with Dust Jackets